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About our work at The Sunderland Guild of Help

A little more about who we are and what we do.

Sunderland Guild of Help is based in the city of Sunderland and historically the Mayor of Sunderland has assumed the honorary role of President, whilst the Vice President position is held by a local businessman, who is a Deputy Lieutenant of the county.

Sunderland Guild of Help is still predominantly occupied with meeting the needs of those adversely affected by poverty or illness, referral usually coming from professionals employed by the statutory agencies operating in those areas.

To ensure that funds are directed where most needed and to confirm the integrity of all applications, the administration of the Charity is undertaken by part time staff, who direct referrals to the Chairman of Trustees for decision. In cases where referrals are ambiguous, or require further investigation, a Welfare Subcommittee of senior trustees meets when required to consider such applications. The charity is able to provide grants in excess of 90% of all applications received.

The Trust Deed defines the objectives of the Charity thus:
“To assist such of the citizens and inhabitants of the area as are in distress or difficulty through poverty. To promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the community in the area and in particular for the advancement of education, for the furtherance of health and relief of poverty, distress and sickness.”

The Guild operates through its premises at Bede Tower, Burdon Road in Sunderland, but for many years were based at Toward Road, near the Winter Gardens, with a number of other charities.

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the Guild of Help

Since its foundation in 1907, The Sunderland Guild of Help has been involved in meeting the needs of the poor and needy of Sunderland at their point of need.

How to Help

All donations of however much you can spare are greatly appreciated, and all money raised goes towards the work of the Sunderland Guild of Help. For more information please contact our team.

How to Apply

At this present time we can only accept applications from those in need through an appointed Social Worker, and you must be living within the city boundary. For more info please click the title link above.


From time to time we like to let our supporters know about the work of the Guild and good causes we support. Please sign-up if you’d like to be involved.