Testimonials from those we have supported at The Guild

Kim (not her real name) is a single mother with three young children. She is working with the Child and Family Support Worker to make a home for her children, but she cannot afford safety gates or building blocks and similar toys for her younger children.

Jackie (not her real name) lives with her partner and 7 children in an overcrowded flat. Her partner cares for an elderly relative and the children have various health problems. They would like to send the older children on supervised activities over the summer holidays, which are organised by the local authority.

Alan (not his real name) has been living in an old mobile home for a number of years. His health has deteriorated and he has been given the tenancy of a bungalow. He has been receiving support and has been able to obtain furniture and a washing machine, but he is in desperate need of a fridge/freezer.

Sophie (not her real name) and her young son have recently been housed into a rented property, from a refuge, in consequence of domestic violence. They have made good progress in furnishing the house, but her son is in desperate need of new clothes and shoes before he returns to school.

*All of the above, who were in desperate need, have been given grants by Sunderland Guild of Help. Each grant is provided under supervision of social/family support workers.